Like most other voluntary open source projects, LEMPSTACK has no income and is entirely funded by the personal funds of the developers. We have a number of fixed costs, like server hosting, domain names, and the like. If you’d like to help us out, please consider donating to our cause.

There are Tow types of donations:

  • Buy Linode
  • Once-off donations

Buy Linode

If someone signs up using your referral code, you’ll receive a credit of $20.00, so long as the person you referred remains an active customer for 90 days.

referral code:c955fe751749e48615845e45a905d16d617145c0

Once-off donations

Once-off donations are gratefully accepted. Donations can be made via PayPal, AliPay and WeChat Pay.

《Donation》 《Donation》 《Donation》