LEMP Stack

  • lnmp(Linux + Nginx+ MySQL/MongoDB+ PHP)
  • lamp(Linux + Apache+ MySQL/MongoDB+ PHP)
  • lnmpa(Linux + Nginx+ MySQL/MongoDB+ PHP+ Apache):Nginx handling the static, Apache processing dynamic PHP
  • lnmt(Linux + Nginx+ MySQL/MongoDB+ Tomcat)
  • lnpp(Linux + Nginx+ PostgreSQL+ PHP)
  • lapp(Linux + Apache+ PostgreSQL+ PHP)
  • lnmh(Linux + Nginx+ MySQL+ HHVM)

LEMPStack support OS:

  • CentOS(redhat) 6~8
  • Debian 7~10
  • Ubuntu 12~19
  • Fedora 27~29
  • Deepin 15
  • Amazon Linux 2
  • Aliyun Linux

Script properties:

  • Continually updated, Provide Shell Interaction and Autoinstall
  • Source compiler installation, most stable source is the latest version, and download from the official site
  • Some security optimization
  • Providing a plurality of database versions (MySQL-8.0, MySQL-5.7, MySQL-5.6, MySQL-5.5, MariaDB-10.3, MariaDB-10.2, MariaDB-10.1, MariaDB-5.5, Percona-8.0, Percona-5.7, Percona-5.6, Percona-5.5, AliSQL-5.6, PostgreSQL, MongoDB)
  • Providing multiple PHP versions (PHP-7.4, PHP-7.3, PHP-7.2, PHP-7.1, PHP-7.0, PHP-5.6, PHP-5.5, PHP-5.4, PHP-5.3)
  • Provide Nginx, Tengine, OpenResty and ngx_lua_waf
  • Providing a plurality of Tomcat version (Tomcat-9, Tomcat-8, Tomcat-7, Tomcat-6)
  • Providing a plurality of JDK version (JDK-11.0, JDK-1.8, JDK-1.7, JDK-1.6)
  • Providing a plurality of Apache version (Apache-2.4, Apache-2.2)
  • According to their needs to install PHP Cache Accelerator provides ZendOPcache, xcache, apcu, eAccelerator. And php encryption and decryption tool ionCube, ZendGuardLoader, swoole, xdebug, Composer
  • Installation Pureftpd, phpMyAdmin according to their needs
  • Install memcached, redis according to their needs
  • Jemalloc optimize MySQL, Nginx
  • Providing add a virtual host script, include Let’s Encrypt SSL certificate
  • Provide Nginx/Tengine/OpenResty/Apache, MySQL/MariaDB/Percona, PHP, Redis, Memcached, phpMyAdmin upgrade script
  • Provide local backup,remote backup (rsync between servers),Aliyun OSS,Qcloud COS,UPYUN, QINIU, Amazon S3, Google Drive and Dropbox backup
  • Provided under HHVM install CentOS 6,7

LEMPStack use of open source software

# Web # DB # PHP
nginx_ver=1.18.0 mysql80_ver=8.0.20 php74_ver=7.4.6
tengine_ver=2.3.2 mysql57_ver=5.7.30 php73_ver=7.3.18
openresty_ver= mysql56_ver=5.6.48 php72_ver=7.2.31
apache24_ver=2.4.43 mysql55_ver=5.5.62 php71_ver=7.1.33
apache22_ver=2.2.34 mariadb104_ver=10.4.13 php70_ver=7.0.33
tomcat9_ver=9.0.35 mariadb103_ver=10.3.23 php56_ver=5.6.40
tomcat8_ver=8.5.55 mariadb102_ver=10.2.32 php55_ver=5.5.38
tomcat7_ver=7.0.103 mariadb55_ver=5.5.68 php54_ver=5.4.45
tomcat6_ver=6.0.53 percona80_ver=8.0.19-10 php53_ver=5.3.29
percona57_ver=5.7.29-32  # JDK
percona56_ver=5.6.48-88.0 jdk110_ver=11.0.6
percona55_ver=5.5.62-38.14 jdk18_ver=1.8.0_251
alisql56_ver=5.6.32-9 jdk17_ver=1.7.0_80
pgsql_ver=12.3 jdk16_ver=1.6.0_45
# phpMyAdmin # Jemalloc # Pure-FTPd
phpmyadmin_ver=4.9.5 jemalloc_ver=5.2.1 pureftpd_ver=1.0.49
# Redis # Memcached
redis_ver=5.0.9 memcached_ver=1.6.6